Why start a Free Proxy?

Proxies are the heal to any financial issues that you may have gotten yourself into. Within a week, you could be taking home an income of at least $10+ USD daily – but, you will need to pay for some web hosting that will allow you to run proxies (shared hosting is not always the answer, this generally just leads to mass amounts of downtime).

Beginning a Proxy

Like everything, a proxy does not immediately begin to earn money. It will require some investment and some time.


  • Domain name
  • Virtual Private Server / Proxy hosting
  • Proxy script (PHProxy and CGI-Proxy are commonly used)
  • Optional: AdSense account


  1. Purchase a domain name of any extension at a Domain Register. Do not include the terms “proxy” or “proxies” in your domain name, otherwise your proxy will automatically be banned by most web filters.
  2. Purchase web hosting that allows proxies to be hosted, a Virtual Private Server should be sufficient. Use the domain that you just purchased as your primary domain name for your account.
  3. Download and install the proxy script of your choice. PHProxy and CGI-Proxy are easier to direct traffic to.
  4. Apply for an account at AdSense, if you have not already done so. When approved, put your advertisements on your proxy.
  5. Advertise as much as you can. Please see the section below for more information.

Advertising a Proxy

This is the most important matter of all. If you do not follow up the creation with advertising, your proxy will not earn a freckle. Advertising a proxy isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is rather time consuming.


  • Time
  • Money


  1. Proxy top sites are the best way of advertising proxies but you will not receive traffic in “real-time” (most proxy top sites review your proxies before accepting them).
  2. If you are an active user at MySpace, consider sending a bulletin out to all of your friends. MySpace users are great people to target – they’re always wanting to access MySpace at school or work. MySpace friend trains are the best way to get large numbers of MySpace friends quickly.
  3. Register your proxy to be posted on as many proxy newsletters as possible. This is a great source of traffic, but it is often rather costly.
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