What is Anonymous Surfing?

Anonymous surfing is an act of using a proxy or proxy server to protect your privacy from agencies including the government or tax departments, your employer, curious family members – or the owners of the website that you are visiting.

Anonymous surfing will allow you to protect your personal life from meeting your business life. This could save a lot of time talking to your employers – but always keep in mind that they are the one’s that are paying for the resources that you are using!

Be sure to note that you will not be surfing completely anonymously. The website that you are visiting will not know who you are, but the proxy or proxy server will. If you pick out a random cabbage from the patch, you will likely be no better off than you previously were – so choose carefully.

When selecting proxies, be sure to make sure that your “IP address” is being cloaked. Various websites offer a service enabling you to do so (cMyIP is a basic service that should keep you content). Simply compare your normal IP address with the proxy’s IP address – if they are different, you should be safe.

Anonymous surfing, as you may have gathered, cannot be achieved without the use of a proxy. Web-based software is recommended for this task. However, most proxies are very unreliable so you will need to pick out a selection. To help you achieve this, you can use what is called a “proxy topsite.” Tech FAQ’s “Proxy Sites” manually checks each and every proxy for flaw’s on a regular basis.

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