How to Write a Resume

Learning how to write a resume is essential for individuals to get a very rewarding job. To write an interesting resume, people should know the qualities that most companies look for when they hire new employees. It is also necessary that applicants know the achievements that they should highlight in their resumes. However, to improve their understanding on writing resumes, it is best to start with knowing the fundamental steps in writing an outstanding resume. In this way, job seekers will have great chances of landing an interview with executives.


Resumes are written documents that reflect the qualities and experiences of job applicants. These documents are used by employers to assess the capabilities of future employees to accomplish assignments that they will assign to them. In addition, resumes are important because these help employers examine if job seekers are fit for the open positions in their companies. To help new job applicants, these are the basic and important steps that they must follow when writing resumes.

First, write the full name of the applicant, including the middle name. Double space and provide all the important contact information like present address, email address, and contact number. Second, provide an educational background starting with one’s highest educational attainment. For example, for college graduates, this part of the resume should start with the year that they enter college and the year they graduated. Third, provide a portion for work experiences. In this part of the resume, it is necessary to describe the tasks that one has performed in previous jobs. It is also important to begin with most recent work experience.

Fourth, include computer skills if they find these significant to the job. Fifth, if an applicant have sufficient background on different languages, it is best if they enumerate the languages that they can speak since these will give them an edge over other job seekers. Finally, include names of individuals, as well as their contact numbers for references.


To improve the chances that job seekers will be considered for an interview, it is significant that they prepare and submit concise resumes. They should also be careful with the dates that they cite in these documents. Job seekers are encouraged to use simple fonts and to watch for the data that they will italicize or highlight. They should remember to edit and spell check their resumes before sending them to employers. Above all, applicants are advised to make the content of their resumes as interesting as possible to get the attention of employers.

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