How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

Writing an online dating profile will be extremely important once you begin using any of the multiple internet dating services available. Many people feel pressured to write a profile that makes them stand out or appear more interesting. This tendency to exaggerate may do more harm than good because it could come off as pretentious or arrogant. Your aim should be to present yourself objectively yet in a way that is articulate. In doing this, you will naturally appeal to those who share similar interests, thus increasing the odds that you will find someone with whom you are compatible.

Creating Your Profile

  1. Prewriting your dating profile using a text editor, will ensure that there are no spelling errors. Some sites may offer spell check however, to make things simpler you can create a document with a few variations of your profile for use on different sites if that is your intention. Creating one profile is fine, as well, just be sure to stick to the word limit, if any.
  2. Keep it fairly short and simple. While you may be tempted to give a detailed view into your personality that is unnecessary. Prospective suitors will find these things out by contacting you directly. Normally anything over two paragraphs will be too much. However, make it longer than a sentence; trying to sum yourself up in one sentence is not so much original as it may be unimaginative. A statement like “I am many things, all you need to do is get to know me.” will not give you the mysterious air you may be hoping for, but may actually make you seem like you have nothing to say. Short and sweet, but with substance would perhaps be the best route to take.
  3. Have someone review the information, preferably a close friend. In doing this your information will be edited not just for grammar but for objectivity. People have a tendency of seeing themselves as they wish they were, friends will likely see you as you really are. Thus a second, more rational opinion will help you improve the quality of your profile. Don’t be insulted; merely take any suggestions about changes as a way to enhance your chances of finding the most compatible person for you.
  4. Don’t share any negative experiences on your profile. For example don’t end up writing about how much you have been hurt, abused or your dwindling faith in the opposite sex. Even if these things are true you must approach the dating sites with a clean slate. You are there to give yourself a fresh start, not compound your problems. Additionally, taking a more positive attitude to your profile, will lead to more positive results. Going in with a refreshed and vibrant attitude will attract more people and more potential suitors. While no one will advocate going over the top with your new-found positive vibrations a bit of this certainly couldn’t hurt.
  5. Play up your good points. Focus more on your selling points than your negatives. While you may mention that you aren’t the best dancer but would like to learn, stay away from damning things that include, your tendency to be overly critical/judgemental, miserly or overly anxious. Even though these things may be true they don’t belong on your profile.
  6. Lastly don’t be too proud. No one wants to date someone arrogant so the best thing you can do for your profile is to create balance. Set out some of your very good points, while putting in a few minor “not so great” points. For example: “I am a sociable person, some may even say quite generous. I like meeting new people, spending time with family and friends and best of all, travelling. I am told I am a great conversationalist although I have a tendency to be a bit too talkative, yet I make up for this by being a pretty good listener too.”
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