How to Write a Business Letter

Knowing how to write a business letter is very important to communicate to professionals and to present one’s suggestions, complaints, and inquiries in a business-like manner. When writing this type of letter, it is necessary that people consider several factors, which will have an effect on the content of the letter. In addition, it is also significant that the letter is concise but it should contain all the significant information. For those who want to create an interesting business letter, there are steps that they need to follow to make sure that the letter will have an impact on the person who will read it.


There are some important steps that people should know and should follow when creating business letters. First, they should know that the paragraphs in this particular type of letter are not indented because indentions make letter informal. In addition, since these letters follow a formal layout, it is important to apply a block style. Second, write the name of the person who will read the letter. At the bottom of the name, it is also significant to include the position of the person, as well as the address of the individual. Third, provide several spaces before the salutation. Use the titles of the person like Dr. or Atty.

Fourth, after the salutation, it is better to provide a reference for the letter. For instance, if the recipient and the person writing the letter had previous telephone conversation, the writer can state this conversation as a reference. Fifth, provide a reason for writing this specific letter and if the writer has a request, it is also important that they include it in this part of the letter. Sixth, include contact numbers in case the recipient want to respond to the letter. Seventh, before ending the letter, it is significant to extend your gratitude to the recipient. Eighth, provide several spaces and write a salutation. Finally, provide spaces and indicate full name.

Other Considerations

When making a business letter, it is necessary that writers also consider the letter’s physical layout. They should remember that business letters must be enclosed in a simple but high quality envelope. It is also important that the letter contain a letterhead for reference. Above all, before sending a business letter, it is necessary to create a copy of that letter for your reference. By knowing all these information, it will be easy for individuals to write an appropriate and interesting business letter.

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