How to Wire a House

Installing electrical wiring in a house should be done with utmost care. By all means, it should be done by a licensed electrical engineer or master electrician. By no means should it be done by novices. But just to have an idea to be a bit familiar with the procedures, here are steps on how to wire a house. This may come in handy when having one’s house wired.

Electrical Wiring Should have a Plan

Before wiring a house can start, there should be an electrical plan approved by the local city government. Make sure the locations of the power source, fuse boxes, switches, outlets, and the copper wires connecting them all are specifically indicated on the plan. Details of how to wire a house are reflected on an electrical plan, including all the materials to be used and procedures, according to specifications on the plan. Never let any installer do the house wiring without an approved plan.

Number and Sizes of Materials

The number and sizes of materials to be used should be according to the provisions on the plan. The sizes of wires, for instance, are all indicated according to how the engineer or electrician computed the electrical power loads. So with the number of outlets and switches. It is risky to add more outlets than what is specified, or to increase or decrease the size of wires. Stick to the plan. Never opt for down-sizing of materials just to reduce cost. This is among vital basics on how to wire a house.

Apprentice Prior to Self-Installation

If the house owner really wants to have the house wired through self-installation, the owner should have had at least 2 years of experience as an apprentice of an expert electrician. Better yet, passed a licensure exam for Master Electrician. Self-installation can never be safe with just a few months of watching electricians repair wiring systems. It should be a hands-on work with a specialist doing procedures on how to wire a house, plus a relevant license.

What to Do For Starters

For starters, while starting an apprenticeship with an expert on house wiring, learn how to peel wire insulation with a pair of pliers. Learn how to splice and connect wires. Learn how to wrap wire connections with electrical tapes properly. And practice connecting wires to outlets without using live electrical power. All these should be done under a mentorship with a licensed electrical installer.

Steps on how to wire a house are not a thing for experiments, no matter how hard novices try at it. Lives could be at stake.

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