How to Wash Clothes

Knowing how to wash clothes is very simple and easy. Since it is one of the most significant household chores, everyone should know the appropriate and efficient ways of washing clothes. It is also necessary that they know how to properly use washing machines to make sure that the use of this equipment will not damage their clothes. With the knowledge of the simple steps in washing, people can save themselves from the hassles of visiting laundry and dry cleaning establishments. In addition, they can also save money that they usually allot to pay people who wash their clothes.


Learning how to wash clothes is not difficult. What is important is that they always look at the labels of their clothes so that you will have ideas about how these items should be properly washed. Moreover, by following these steps, everyone can surely have fun and enjoy doing this household task.

First, get all the dirty clothes and segregate the clothes based on their color, as well as on the type of fabric the clothes uses. When washing bed sheets and towels, people should remember that it is best to wash the towels in washing machines’ top load, while the bed sheets must be washed in the machines’ front load. It is also important to know that all the dirty white clothes should be segregated and washed separately. In addition, it is also advisable to segregate light-colored clothes from dark-colored clothes.

Second, pour water in the top load and a cup of detergent powder. Put the white clothes in the washing machine and turn the equipment on. Set the machine to at least 15 minutes and to normal setting. Avoid overloading the equipment. After washing the white clothes, turn the knob to drain. Pour water into the top load and wash the clothes for another 15 minutes. Drain the water from the machine and put the clothes into the dryer.

Third, after the white clothes are washed, put the colored clothes into the top load. Pour water and add another cup of detergent powder. Wash the clothes for ten minutes. Drain the water. Pour clean water into the washing machine. Wash colored clothes for another ten minutes. Remove the clothes from the top load and place colored clothes into the dryer. Fourth, hang all the white clothes and colored clothes on a rack. When all the clothes are dried, fold the clothes and put in a clean and dry storage place.

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