How to Use a Lensatic Compass

A kind of compass that uses a magnetized dial, a lensatic compass features a special card that helps users read the directions easily. This device is very useful because it has numbers, which are very useful in identifying the directions of target objects. However, it is very sophisticated that many people have difficulties using it. To learn how to use a lensatic compass properly, they should prepare other materials like a map and a protractor. In addition, it is important that they understand and follow the steps in taking, setting, and following the device’s bearing.

Know How to Take or Read the Compass’ Bearing

To know how to use a lensatic compass, individuals should learn the steps in taking or reading the bearing. The initial step is to open the compass and make sure that the card follows a 90 degree angle and the lens arm should be brought up to a 45 degree angle. To ensure that the compass is ready to be used, place one’s thumb in the hook. Second, make sure that the target object lies in the middle of the face of the compass. This can be accomplished by controlling the sighting wires that can be seen in the device’s face. Finally, evaluate the markings that indicate the degrees where the target object is situated.

Setting a Lensatic Compass

To properly set the bearing of a lensatic compass, it is important to follow the procedures with reading the bearing since these are very helpful to locate the directions of their target object. Afterwards, set the device’s orientation by aligning the target object with the arrow directing to the north direction. As soon as the target object is in place, it will be easy to follow the course that the sighting wires indicate.

Following the Compass’ Bearing

Knowing how to read and set the bearing is very essential to learn how to locate and follow the direction of the target object. In this regard, it is necessary to perform the steps mentioned in reading and setting the bearing before they proceed with the procedures in following the compass bearing. Afterwards, they need to identify a landmark that can be assigned as the reference point. There are times that people can no longer see the reference point because of bad weather. When this happens, they are advised to use the compass to stay on course. Repeat all the steps above and assign a new reference point.

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