How to Unblock Websites

If you are one of those people that surf the web through the Internet connection of your school, office, or public library, then it is likely that you already know that their servers block those websites that are popular.

Likely to be blocked are one’s favorite websites and forum and those sites that feature offensive content or language. If you want to override such blockages then you will have to you learn some facts about the Internet and the various ways on how to unblock websites.

Before learning the steps on how to unblock websites, it is crucial that one grasps how specific web sites become blocked in the first place. This is because if one is to learn how to unblock websites then it is necessary that one knows how the system/software blocks the access in the first place. Special software that is installed in your computer that works in tandem with your web browser such as Internet Explorer are usually the culprit behind the blocked popular websites. Sometimes, the blocked websites can also be attributed to a firewall which may also be the reason why certain websites are blocked.

Learning how to unblock websites will revolve around four strategies: changing the settings within the computer that you are using, using an IP address, using URL redirects, and using the services of Google.

The easiest way to bypass whatever blocking your access is by closing the program that is doing the blocking. Usually, by changing the settings in one’s browser, one can bypass such restrictions. Changing the setting in one’s browser is commonly done by fiddling with the tools options found on that browser’s main menu.

Through the use of proxy servers, it will be possible to access the websites that are blocked by your computer or firewall. This is possible because the websites that are blocked will not be actually accessed by your computer terminal. Rather, the websites will be interacting with a third party — servers that will serve as ‘proxies’ for your computer. To find proxy servers, just type ‘proxy servers’ in your search engine and it is sure that you will find a handful that will help you access your favorite sites.

Sometimes, the ones responsible for restricting your access are only capable of blocking URLs which means that if you enter into your web browser the site’s IP address, it may be the possible to bypass the restrictions since you will be entering numbers, not letters. One can also bypass restrictions by looking for URL referrers, websites that take you to your desired pages. By going to such URL referrers, you can bypass the restrictions since you are not accessing the websites that you want directly. Instead, you will be accessing the websites (which are unlikely to be blocked since they are not that popular) that will take you to such sites.

One can also use Google to bypass restrictions by accessing their cached version of your preferred website. Accessing their cached version can be done by searching for the website that you want. Look for the website in the search results. After finding it, you will see that there is a link that leads to the page’s cached version. By accessing this, you will effectively bypass the restriction since you are accessing Google, not the website itself.

Learning how to unblock websites is not only useful for the sake of accessing the websites that you want. Learning how to unblock websites will also give one a deepened understanding of the Internet.

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