How to Throw a Cast Net

You’ll find many proven methods on how to throw a cast net. Some methods can be easier for you while others may simply not be that practical for an individual compared to other methods. You will be left to choose a method that works well for you since there is no single proven method that can apply to everyone.

Single Arm Throw for Smaller Cast Nets

This method on how to throw a cast net works if you have one that has a radius of five feet or the smaller type of cast net. If you are right handed then you will have to use your right arm to throw the cast net. Tighten the hand loop on your right wrist. You then make several loose loops out of the throw line holding them with your throwing hand.

If your cast net has a ring you then grab it with your non-throwing hand after making the loops and then have your throwing hand take it palm down. Your next step on how to throw a cast net is to take the lead line using your free hand and grab that with your throwing palm. The cast net ring will usually be there to hold the lead line in place.

Turn your body back away from your designated target. Rotate your body smoothly as you throw and release. The cast net should hit in a circular form. Pull the line to close the net once you hit your intended target. The steps on how to throw a cast net will be quite similar for nets of any size.

Two Arm Throw for Larger Cast Nets

Larger cast nets, those with a radius of six feet or more, will require you to use both hand when throwing them. The steps to throw a cast net of this size will pretty much resemble the first one we have just described. To begin with, let’s say you’re left handed and will throw using your left arm.

You’ll also coil the line in neat loops and holding them by your left hand. Keep making loops until you are able to grab your cast net by its horn. Here’s where you’ll have to change things a bit on how to throw a cast net that’s a lot bigger. You raise the cast net and grab it at the height of your pant’s pocket using your free hand.

Transfer that end of the net to your throwing hand and have one hand hold the entire cast net. The lead line will now be resting on the ground. Your next step is to divide your net where your left thumb and forefinger meet, which is about half the net. Grab the other half of the net with your right hand, which is the one with the lead line. Your left hand should have half the net along with the horn and the hand line.

Roll the net in your right hand over your left thumb and let it hang loose. With your right hand, grab the lead line where the two high and low lead line clumps meet and place that line in your teeth. Another variation is to put the line over your shoulder.

Pick up the rest of the lead line hanging from your teeth (or shoulder) with your right hand’s thumb and forefinger. With your right palm up, you fold the netting hanging over your left thumb into your right hand and have both hands positioned palm up. You have now gone over the steps on how to throw a cast net.

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