How to Repair Vinyl Seats

The durability of vinyl is one of the many reasons why people use it making vinyl seats. However, there are many factors that can affect this important characteristic of vinyl, such as carelessness, accidents, and the like, thus allowing it to break or be destroyed. Whatever the reasons are, acquiring the services of other people that can fix these seats may be expensive. To save more time and money, they can instead learn how to repair vinyl seats. By gathering all the right materials, fixing these things can be a very easy thing to do.

Materials Needed

When fixing vinyl seats, people need only three basic materials. First, they must acquire a reliable vinyl adhesive. Second, they also need small vinyl patches, preferably the same color as that of the damaged vinyl seat. When there is no available patch with the same color as the seat, they can just purchase any kind of patch available, and then just bring in some vinyl color.


After gathering the three basic materials that people need to learn how to repair vinyl seats, they can now move on to the actual process of fixing these seats. When there is a hole in the seat, simply cut its edges in preparation for the patch. By doing so, it is much easier to estimate the amount of patch needed to fill such hole. When deciding how much patch is needed, use a significant size that is enough to cover the entire hole, which greatly helps produce a beautiful appearance in the end of the process. As much as possible, acquire patches that are of the same color as the seats. However, if such patches are unavailable, they can instead use a color that closely resembles the original color of the seat for aesthetic purposes.

Clean the patch first as well as the area where it will be placed, then put a significant amount of adhesive. Do it as gently as possible in order not to extend the damage of the vinyl seat. When the patch is at the right place, smoothen out its edges by pressing over the patch in order to make it look nicer. Hold onto it for a number of seconds then allow it to dry for at least a day. Be sure to wipe off excess amounts of adhesive from the seat in order to prevent stains from appearing when it finally dries off. If ever there is no vinyl adhesive available, people can use other kinds of glue, but first they must be sure that it will stick and last long.

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