How to Play Pool

One of the exciting, enjoyable, and interesting indoor games, pool requires players to be skillful, attentive and observant. Some of the materials that people will use in this game are 16 balls, a pool table, a rack, and a cue stick. The objective in pool is to hit the cue ball and put as many balls as the player can in any of the pockets in the pool table with the use of a cue stick. To extend their understanding on how to play pool, it is necessary to follow these simple instructions.


People’s understanding on how to play pool starts with the correct selection of a cue stick that they will use in this exciting game. It is important that they choose stick that they can carry. Do not use cue sticks that are heavy since these can put stress in the arms and will affect their accuracy. It is also necessary that they use a cue stick, which ferrule is firmly glued to its tip. Before hitting the cue ball, always remember to apply chalk to the stick’s tip. Avoid twisting the chalk on the tip of the stick because this can damage the tip.

For right-handed players, it is important to use their right hand to control the thick edge of the cue stick. Make sure that they balance the stick. Create a hole with one’s left index finger and thumb. Put the stick through the hole and place it on the left middle finger. Keep one’s attention on the cue ball and the target. Shot the white ball in the center towards the direction of the target ball. Once a player fails to put the target ball in a pocket, the player loses the turn. Do not pocket the cue ball. Repeat the steps before making a shot.


Beginners should practice the steps often because it can help improve their accuracy in the game. It is essential that they start with learning how to control their shots. Reading books about pool are also helpful to learn the different techniques the professional pool players use to enhance their chances of winning their games. In addition, amateur players should know how to compute bank shots in pool. If ever there is no possible way to put the target ball in one of the pockets, then the player should hide the white ball. Moreover, players should focus their attention on the game and avoid watching the strokes and shots made by their opponents since these can distract them.

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