How to Play Lacrosse

Besides basketball, football, and volleyball, there is another fun-filled sport that people can easily learn and enjoy, that is lacrosse. Famous in America, this particular game combines the exciting elements of hockey and some spectacular aspects of soccer. Because this game is played in a moderately fast pace, many people find it fun, exciting, and very interesting. Either just for fun or for exercise, people can easily learn how to play lacrosse by following these simple and easy steps.

Sports Equipment Needed When Playing Lacrosse

Before learning how to play lacrosse, people need to have certain sports equipment. Players of this game usually wear shoulder pads, gloves, and mouth guards for protection. Meanwhile, they also need protective masks and helmets, which are primarily designed to protect the head and face of the players from sudden hits and falls. For a completely safe game, all the participants must also wear rib pads and arm pads.

When all these are complete, it is now time to procure the other materials that are of great importance and significance to the game of lacrosse. While playing the game, each participant must have a crosse, which is basically a stick with a net attached at one end of it. Another important material that players use in this game is a small rubber ball. Finally, people must place two goals, one at each end of the field directly facing each other.

Fundamental Aspects of the Game

Lacrosse is played with two opposing teams, each of which is comprised of 10 members. Every team has three attackers, three midfielders, three defensemen, and a goalie. Each of these positions has a particular role to play in the overall success or failure of a team. Attackers are usually for offensive purposes, while on the other hand, defensemen are assigned to defend their opponents. Meanwhile, midfielders can go to various parts of the field that are deemed beneficial for the offensive plays of their respective teams. The main purpose of a goalie is to protect the team’s goal against the opponents.

The goals of every lacrosse team are very simple, which are to shoot the rubber ball right into the opponent’s team as many times as possible, as well as defend their goal from offensive attackers. Of course, because this game is a contact sport, its players need to know the different moves that are allowed and those that are prohibited. Body contacts are allowed, as long as players do them only from the waist up to the shoulders, and at the front of opponents only. Meanwhile, the use of crosse to check opponents is limited to certain moves. Only the player bringing the ball can be body checked by the opposing players. There are appropriate penalties waiting for players who make use of overly aggressive body checks.

Another important thing to remember, especially when learning how to play lacrosse, is how long each game must by played. In high school, games are subdivided into quarters, each of which runs 12 minutes. On the other hand, college games are much longer, with quarters lasting for about 15 minutes each.

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