How to Play Bingo

Winning a Bingo Game

Bingo is one of the few games that is not left up to strategy and skill but instead, is predominantly all about luck. To win a bingo game, you have to be the first person to have all the numbers called in the right format.

The Setup of a Bingo Game

Bingo is a multi-player game and, unlike a lot of other games, can be played by many people at one time. Each person gets a bingo card or multiple bingo cards, depending on how many games of bingo they plan to play in a row. You get a dauber, which is a pen like bingo marker that leaves a bingo square sized circular stamp on the card, or you could make your own bingo marker. Some bingo games use regular paper markers or chips.

How to Play

If it is a public bingo game, more than likely, there will be a closed circuit monitor somewhere in the room which will be used to show the numbers to the participants as they are called so they never miss a number. The numbers are called by a caller who is the person assigned to pick the numbers from the bingo card/ball blower or just a basket and tell it to the players. The cards always have a letter attached to them. This is what aids you in knowing where to look for the number as they are arranged by columns labeled with these letters. The Letters are B, I, N, G and O, as in bingo. Whenever the number and letter are called, the player looks to see if they have the particular number in the letter column called and this process is continues throughout the game. Whenever the player has a number reflecting the caller’s number, it is to be marked by the dauber or whichever other type of marking method the person is using.

When The Game is Won

The game is won when a player has the boxes in the game pattern being used filled out. There are many game patterns associated with the bingo game. One of the most common ones is the straight line pattern. This is the pattern where the player wins when a straight line if filled out, whether vertically or horizontally, including the free space. This is also one of the easiest patterns to win with.

Children can also learn using bingo. The number can be replaced with educational content in order to make it a awesome learning experience for them. Bingo is great way to teach children while they have fun. The website allows you to use a bingo card creator to make your own cool bingo cards with almost any subject. You will never have to buy another bingo product that is not quite what you wanted, you can adjust the activities any way you would like (there are over 925 included), print whenever you want from the convenience of your PC and you will definitely save some money.

Everyone loves to be the first to yell “BINGO” and the children won’t even realize they are learning.

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