How to Pickle Okra

Okra is an annual flowering plant that is rich in minerals and vitamins, which are very helpful to improve human health conditions. This plant produces numerous pods in just a season. To extend the shelf life of okra pods, people find different interesting ways of cooking and preserving them. A good way of preparing the pods is to pickle them. Learning how to pickle okra is easy if individuals will prepare all the needed materials and if they will follow the instructions carefully.

Ingredient and Materials Needed

In this recipe, people can prepare at least four pints of pickled okra pods. Aside from the pods, other ingredients that they will use are cider vinegar, table salt, garlic distilled water, and dill seeds. It is also important to gather all the materials needed before preparing the recipe to avoid experiencing hassles. The materials that they will need are canning jars, rings, and a canner. After preparing the ingredients and materials, individuals can proceed with the instructions and learn how to pickle okra.


The first step that people should take when doing this recipe is to pick 3.5 pounds of fresh and small okra pods. Wash them and drain them in a strainer. Use hot water when cleaning all the canning jars to sterilize them. Put okra pods in the jars. Peel garlic cloves. Put a garlic clove in every canning jar. Put 1/3 cup of salt, one quart distilled water, two teaspoon dill seed, and a pint of cider vinegar in a large bowl and mix them. Heat pot and pour the mixture in the pot. Boil the mixture.

Prepare the brine and pour the mixture carefully in jars. Use the rings to seal the caps of canning jars. Place all the jars in a canner. Let the jars stand in the canner for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove jars from the canner and store in a dry place. Do not open the jars for two days so that the okra pods can absorb the flavor of the mixture.


To improve the taste of pickled okra, people can add some ingredients in the recipe. Chile peppers and olive oil can be added in the mixture to enrich the taste of the vegetable. Everyone is reminded that this recipe requires people hold hot jars so they should do should follow some precautionary measures to avoid burns. In addition, it is essential to select fresh okra pods to make sure that they can extend the shelf life of the pods for several weeks.

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