How to Pick a Lock

Do you constantly contact a locksmith at your house just because you forget the place where you hide the keys to open the locks to your rooms, cabinets or basement? Have you misplaced the key to your garage or playroom? To save yourself from the hassles of hiring a locksmith to open locks, it is important that you have ample background on how to pick a lock. Since lock picking is an essential skill that individuals should know, it is important that they learn the various factors to consider before they do this task, as well as remember the simple procedures to open a lock.


Learning how to pick a lock is very important to those who have problems remembering the places where they hide their keys. To help them, these are some of the most important and helpful steps in lock picking. However, readers are reminded that these procedures are effective in unlocking pin-and-tumbler locks, which is a very common type of lock used in houses and offices.

First, people should learn the mechanism of the lock that they will open. Most locks feature a rotating cylinder that has sets of pins. If it is locked, people cannot rotate the cylinder since the pins hold it in place. When individuals insert the right key, they can open the lock because the key will push the pins upward to allow the cylinder to rotate.

Second, after determining the lock mechanism, individuals should put a tension wrench into the lock’s lower portion to apply pressure to the cylinder and identify which direction the lock must be turned to be opened. Third, use a light torque to hold the cylinder. Fourth, with the use of picks, push the key pins upwards. Hold the light torque to avoid the key pins from dropping. Finally, hold the tension wrench tight and gently move the lock’s cylinder in the appropriate direction.

Lock Picking Equipment

The procedures in lock picking vary on the types of locks that people want to open. For instance, steps involved in opening wafer-tumbler locks differ from the steps in unlocking tubular locks. However, to make sure that people can open various kinds of locks in their homes or offices, they need to get the five most used lock picking equipment, namely half-diamond pick, tension wrench, hook picks, rare picks, and warded picks. Most of this equipment is available in hardware stores, as well as websites that offers lock picking devices.

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