How to MySpace at School

Internet access is very useful and helpful to students in doing researches and special projects since these allow them to view websites that contain resources and references like electronic books. To help students, some high schools, as well as colleges and universities provide wireless Internet connection in their facilities. However, to prevent students from accessing different websites, administrations of these educational institutions block the sites. One of the social media sites that these institutions usually block is MySpace. For students who want to know how to myspace at school, there are different ways to unblock this site.

Accessing Myspace with the Use of an IP Address

To extend students’ understanding on how to myspace at school, it is important that they understand the various methods of accessing this site such as the use of an IP address. The initial step is to identify the IP address that the website is presently using. To do so, they need to visit and search They will see a web page that contains basic information about the site. At the bottom part of the page, they can see its present IP address. Launch a browser and type the IP address of the website. After few seconds, they can view the site.

Accessing MySpace with the Use of Google Cache

If they cannot access MySpace with the use of an IP address, students can unblock the site with the use of Google cache. Launch a browser and use the search engine Google. Write at the search browser of Google. As soon as they see the search results, find the result that can direct users to the website, but instead of clicking the direct link to MySpace, they should click the one that states Cached to view the social media site.

Accessing MySpace with the Use of a Web Proxy

Another efficient way of accessing MySpace in schools is with the use of a web proxy. With the use of search engines, students can easily find free web proxies. Use one of the free proxy servers. Indicate the url of the social media site in the proxy server and press enter. Students will see a web page that has two frames. The upper frame can be used to access other restricted websites. Look at the bottom frame and they can see the website of MySpace. This frame allows them to access this social media site. In case, the administrator has restricted the server, students can look for other free proxies.

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