How to Make Wine

Also known as vinification, wine making refers to the production of an alcoholic beverage that begins with the grape selection and ends with the bottling of the drink. Learning how to make wine is very advantageous to people since they can be assured that the beverage that they produce is clean and safe to drink. In addition, it is also helpful because they can get big profits if they excel in wine making. However, for those who are new to wine making, it is best if they start with the simple procedures in making tasty homemade wines.


Knowing how to make wine is very easy, however, before proceeding with the steps in making homemade wines, it is necessary that people know the ingredients that they can use to enhance the taste of these beverages. In making a liter of wine, they should prepare one box or bottle of one hundred per cent grape juice to be assured that the beverage is healthy. Other important ingredients in wine making are dry yeast, granulated sugar, and a liter of distilled water. After gathering the ingredients, prepare cellophane tapes, a funnel, paper napkins, and two sterilized glass bottles.


Pour the grape juice into two glass bottles evenly. Put two and a half tablespoons of sugar in each bottle and shake until they can see that the sugar is fully dissolved into the juice. Prepare a clean glass and create a mixture that consists two centiliters of water, a teaspoon of sugar, and half teaspoon of dry yeast. Cover the glass and wait for an hour or until the mixture has a layer of foam. With the use of a spoon, get half portion of the foam and combine it in a mixture of six teaspoons of water with sugar and yeast. Pour the mixture in each of the glass bottle with grape juice and sugar solution. Shake each of the bottle to be assured that the solution are mixed.

Before the mixtures are fermented, cover the bottles with paper napkins and seal them with cellophane tapes or rubber bands. Put the sealed bottles in an odorless and dark room. It is also ideal if the room where the bottles will be placed has a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. Let the bottles stay in the room for one to two weeks to allow the juice to be fermented. As soon as the fermentation process, remove the seal of the bottles and savor the delicious taste of homemade wines.

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