How to Make No Bake Cookies

To learn how to make no bake cookies, it is important to understand that you can actually cut the cooking process and just opt to merely heat or boil some of the ingredients to make delicious cookies to enjoy anytime without the hassles of baking.

Know What Types of Ingredients You can Use.

One of the steps in learning how to make no bake cookies is learning what ingredients should be used. Since you are not going to bake what you make, you must understand that not all everything you typically use in baking can be used for no-bake sweet treats.

For this simple recipe, you are merely required to have a handful of ingredients that include: About 2 cups of granulated sugar, about 2 tablespoons of cocoa, a half cup of evaporated milk, about four ounces of butter, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a half cup of chopped pecans, and about two and a half cups of quick-cooking oats.

Learn the Simple Procedures for Making Your Batches of No-Bake Cookies.

The First Step:

In a medium saucepan, add these ingredients: Sugar, cocoa, butter, and milk. Heat everything and slowly bring this to a boil using medium heat. Continue stirring. Basically, you need to keep this boiling for about a minute before you remove it from the stove.

The Second Step:

After that first procedure, it’s time to add your half cup of chopped pecans to the boiled mixture. You can actually use other types of nuts. It’s a matter of your own personal preferences. However, to help bring the delicious taste and yummy crunch of your no-bake cookies, choosing pecans would be a good idea.

Third Step:

The next thing for you to do is to add your oatmeal. Stir well to be sure that the ingredients are blended together thoroughly.

Fourth Step:

Next, get a teaspoonful of the mixed ingredients and put them on waxed paper. Chill them before serving if you desire.

Know How to Substitute Ingredients if Needed.

There are some changes that you can make to this recipe if you like. One of these things is making a substitute for pecans. As aforementioned, you can use any type of nuts to add to this no-bake recipe.

Another substitute that you can make is to use low fat evaporated milk to minimize the calories that you will get.

For sugar, you can use white, brown, or the ones made from sugar cane. You can also opt to use carob flour as your sweetener instead of sugar.

No bake cookies are great for certain occasions when you need something sweet or when your friends or family come over and you need to cook something up and fast! That is why when you learn how to make no bake cookies, these things should cease to be a problem for you and you can simply make these cookies whenever you desire.

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