How to Make Fimo

Fimo are handmade beads that originated from South Africa. While they are manufactured from polymer clay, fimo beads can be manufactured from any variety of malleable material that can be purchased from a hobby or craft store.

Fimo have no particular shape or size and can be made into different shapes such as cubical, cylindrical or spherical. When created, they can be used in making various jewelries, such as necklaces and bracelets. The following are the steps involved in how to make fimo.

Set-up Your Materials

The first step on how to make fimo is to prepare the materials. Before everything else, you need to prepare all the materials that are needed to make fimo. Polymer clay or any accessible malleable material is necessary for this process.

A device that can help in forming shapes other than a sphere will also come in handy. For making openings in the middle of the beads, you will need a needle for knitting or crochet. For customized creations, varnish and paint will be important.

When all the materials have been prepared you are ready to proceed to the first step on how to make fimo.

Molding The Clay

The second step in making fimo is to mold the clay so that it will be warm and easy to work with. When the clay has reached your desired malleability, segregate it into small balls of equal or varying sizes.

You need to ensure that they are of equal size so that you can create authentic Fimo beads. However, they can be of any size depending on what kind of jewelry you will be making.

When you have separated the clay into several balls, you should get one ball and begin rolling it into your hands to make it cylindrical in shape. Your finished product should be a vein-like pattern that can be utilized for different designs.

By this time, you should have determined the shape of your beads. If you want to maintain the cylindrical pattern, set it aside. Otherwise, you can make a circular shape or use a mold to turn the clay into cubical beads.

Preparing the Beads For The Kiln

The next stage in learning how to make fimo is to prepare the beads for the kiln. When you have decided on the shape, make a hole in the middle using the needle for knitting or crochet. Place the needle in the middle of the bead and leave it there.

When your beads have been shaped, place them in an oven and heat the beads in a temperature of 2650 Fahrenheit. Harden them for about half an hour.

When cool enough, safely remove the needle without destroying the pattern of your beads. You can then customize your design using paint and varnish.

These tips will help you learn how to make fimo for your jewelry.

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