How to Make Fairy Wings

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your children? Are you in search for a nice and attractive costume for your daughter? Do you want to enhance your imagination and creativity while enjoying quality time with your families? Then try the different ways of making fairy wings, which are very popular and attractive costumes for festivals, parties, and school plays. To learn how to make fairy wings, it is best to start with collecting the materials, as well as following the basic, simple and easy steps.


The materials to be used in making fairy wings vary on their appearances and sizes. However, for individuals who like to make medium-sized fairy wings, they need to cardboard boxes, cellophane tape or duct tape, fabric straps, four coated wire hangers, knee-high socks, and strings. For those who will use duct tapes, it is best to choose tapes that have bright colors. It is also important to collect different colors of paints that can be used to make the wings more attractive and appealing. After all these materials are gathered, follow the basic steps in creating beautiful fairy wings.


Learning how to make fairy wings is easy if individuals will carefully follow the basic steps. First, get two coated wire hangers, or if there are no available hangers, people can use thick wires as alternatives. For those who will use hangers, it is important to eliminate the hooks by cutting them to the point that there will be openings in the wire. Second, with the use of the duct tape, attach the spiral parts of the hangers. Repeat these steps in the remaining hangers. Third, bend the wires according to the shape of the wings that they like to make and attach all the hangers to make a frame for the fairy wings.

Fourth, prepare four knee-high socks and stretch them on the frame of the fairy wings. Use nylon to attach the socks with the frame. Fifth, to make a nice base for the wings, it is advisable to purchase velvet in retail stores and glue the material in the space in each fairy wing. Sixth, use paint spray to color the frame of the fairy wings. On the other hand, use acrylic paint to color the velvet. Sprinkle glitters on the wings to enhance their appearance. Seventh, let the wings stand for several minutes until the paint is dry. Finally, attach artificial feathers that are available in department stores in the wings and check if the fairy wings fit the person who will use it.

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