How to Make a Teepee

Teepees are strong shelters that are usually built by people to survive in the forest or wilderness. Knowing how to make a teepee is very advantageous or beneficial to individuals who commonly visit areas that are known for having strong winds. These cone-shaped shelters can be easily transferred from a particular place to another. To help people who want to create their own teepees, they should gather the materials needed, as well as the basic steps in making these shelters. Some individuals use clothesline or cotton flannel when making teepees, however, most individuals only use branches and leaves for these homes.


Before proceeding with the steps in making teepees, it is important to collect the materials needed for these shelters. For the frame of these homes, people will need long sticks, strings, and tree branches. Meanwhile, for the walls and floors, prepare leafy branches, tall grass, and various sizes of leaves. As soon as all these materials are gathered, individuals can start making their own teepees.


To learn how to make teepees, it is important that people start with learning the basic steps. Before creating teepees, people are advised to look for a nice location. When making these shelters in the forest, it is advantageous to make them under strong and leafy trees. After finding a nice place for these homes, they can proceed with following the procedures in creating teepees.

First, individuals should get long sticks and arrange them vertically following an inverted cone-shape. With the use of the strings, tie all the one end of the sticks. To make the frame of these shelters strong, it is necessary to make sure that the sticks are pushed into the ground. Second, when the frame of the teepees is ready, prepare branches that have medium sizes and weave them into the frame. However, it is important to leave a space for the door. If there are gaps, it is important to use leafy branches, as well as leaves and tall grass to fill them. Aside from tree branches, people can use clothes to make the walls of these shelters. Third, when the walls of the teepee are all set, prepare soft branches that can be used in making the floor. People can also use tall grasses and leaves to make the floor. Put all the materials inside the teepees to create nice flooring. Finally, with the use of small tree branches, leaves, and tall grasses, make a door. Weave the materials and attach them to the opening of the shelter with the use of strings. Make sure that the door is strongly attached to the frame. By carefully following these procedures, people can surely make strong, nice, and comfortable teepees.

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