How to Make a Rocket

It is very likely that you have seen rockets before, may they be in television, in pictures, or in any other medium. Grand as they may be in such footages and depictions, with their hundred-foot sizes and the amount of power that they generate to thrust themselves off the ground and escape the pull of the earth’s gravity, it is very possible for you to create your own DIY rocket with the help of this how to make a rocket guide coupled with some household materials.

This how to make a rocket guide will revolve around the use of the humble plastic film canister as the part of the rocket that will generate the thrusts needed to shoot the DIY rocket upwards. The main idea will be to build pressure inside the canister, pressure that will be enough to pop open the canister’s lid and release enough gas to thrust the rocket from the ground, much like the way actual rockets operate.

This how to make a rocket guide will need everyday items that can be easily found around the house. This how to make a rocket guide will need some computer paper or any kind of paper stiff enough to serve as the material for the rocket’s body, packaging tape, a pair of scissors, Alka-Seltzer tablets, some water, some wads of tissue paper, and of course the plastic film canister. You can also add some materials to customize the look of your rocket but remember to not overdo it as any added materials may encumber the rocket and make it unable to launch properly.

This how to make a rocket guide will start by constructing the body of the rocket. The body will be built from a sheet of computer paper which must be folded in half lengthwise. Cut the paper in half as folded and take one half and fold it further in half, but this time do it cross wise. By this time you should have one half of the original sheet along with two quarters of it. Take one of the quarters and fold it in half. Fold in half one more time but this time diagonally. Cut along the creases created from the folding to create four triangles which will be used for the fins. Take the other quarter and draw a circle on it. Cut it out and mark its center. Sketch two lines that will form a right angle from that point. Cut out the portion marked by those lines and make a cone out of it.

Take the half of the paper and tape it around the canister. The canister should be placed along one of the edge of the paper and make it sure that the opening of the canister is pointing outside of the cylinder formed by the paper. Tape the fins on the part of the cylinder paper nearest to the canister while tape the cone on the other end.

To blast the rocket, take off the lid from the canister and fill a third of it with water. Put the Alka-Seltzer tablets in it and place the lid back. Set the rocket upright and wait for it to launch it into mid-air.

This guide is meant to teach those who are enthusiastic about rocket science not only how to make a rocket but also the basic principles that make such contraptions fly off and defy the pull of gravity.

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