How to Make a Pillowcase

Pillowcases are lovely items that can serve many purposes. With the help of pretty pillowcases, people can make all those comforting pillows more stylish and very pleasing for everyone. Furthermore, these pillow covers can also give rooms a more inviting atmosphere because of their aesthetic value. Make your rooms as relaxing as possible by following these simple guidelines on how to make a pillowcase.

Materials Needed

For people who wish to learn how to make a pillowcase, they need certain materials and equipment that can aid them in this very simple and easy task. These items include threads, fabrics, and a sewing machine. At some point of the process, people will also need pillows, primarily for measuring the size of pillowcases. After completing these things, they can now start with the actual process of making pillowcases.


One of the major factors that people need to consider in making beautiful and attractive pillowcases is the theme of the room. For instance, these items may match at least one or two other things inside such as carpets, curtains, as well as the color of the walls. After deciding this all-important matter, avail the necessary amount of fabrics that are needed to create the desired number of pillowcases.

When purchasing fabric for a single pillowcase, the opening and the seams must always be taken into consideration. More often than not, rectangular fabrics can do the job, preferably thrice the length of the pillow. When making the appropriate patterns, be sure to draw them at the inner parts of the pillowcase in order to prevent any visible marks after it is finished. Using the rectangular fabric, fold it in half before sewing it. Be sure that the pillowcase is bigger than the pillow. Likewise, be sure to leave one side open where the pillow will be inserted later on.

Simply turn the pillowcase inside out in order to determine whether the size is enough to cover an entire pillow. Be sure to leave extra fabric for the hem, which will serve as its opening. Return the pillowcase to its original position and then create the final hem. When the last hem is finally finished, turn the pillowcase once again inside out, and then iron the inside part to place the hem at the right position.

After this, be sure to check the pillow if it fits perfectly well inside the newly made pillowcase. For pillowcases that are intended for bedrooms, experts recommend the use of softer cloth. Moreover, it is always best to keep in mind that when purchasing fabrics for pillowcases, be sure to acquire enough materials that can cover the pillows. Another advantage of learning how to make a pillowcase is that people can put them whatever designs they wish.

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