How to Make a Paper Airplane

A paper airplane can bring insurmountable amount of fun and enjoyment to children and adults, both of which have their very own ways of appreciating such simple items. Aside from being cheap, convenient, and fun to use, learning how to make a paper airplane can truly be a pleasurable experience for everyone. Follow these simple instructions to experience how fun and exciting it is to play paper airplanes.

Materials Needed

When learning how to make a paper airplane, it usually takes a little time and only a number of materials to accomplish. The most important of all is paper, preferably printer paper. If none is available, a nice clean sheet from a notebook will do. Additional materials needed to create fun-filled and attractive paper airplanes include colored pens or colored pencils, as well as crayons.


Learning how to make a paper airplane is not that hard. Simply get a nice clean rectangular paper, preferably the one used in computer printers. When none of this is around, a rectangular sheet from a regular notebook will do the job, as long as it has a decent weight and size. On top of a table, place the paper on top of it. Use a lengthwise fold on the paper. When the two edges of the paper are already face-to-face with each other, get one of it and make a sharp fold downwards. After that, do the same with the other edge of the paper until both sides are similar.

When both sides look similar with each other, simply get the paper and turn it over. Get one side of it and then make another sharp fold once again starting from the end that was folded earlier. The same must also be done on the opposite side of the paper. When the two sides are once again the same, turn the paper over one more time, and then make another sharp fold starting from the second fold. Do exactly the same thing to the other side of the paper.

Simply flip out the wings of the paper airplane, which are primarily the last two folds that were made on it. Starting from the tip of the airplane, measure at least four to five inches away from it and then tear a small part of the paper. After this, a small tab of paper will come out from the inner layers. Pull this tab up and fold the paper once again. For added fun, put some attractive designs on the paper airplane using colored pens or colored pencils, and crayons. Flip out the wings and then hold it exactly at the tab, and then throw and let if fly using a straightforward motion. Enjoy watching this cheap, simple, but beautiful paper airplane fly.

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