How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Looking for a festive way to brighten a front door or fireplace for the holidays? A holiday wreath is just the thing to get your decor in gear for the season. Making a holiday wreath is easy, and the entire family will enjoy helping. Following this guide will help you make a Holiday Wreath in no time.

Required tools and materials

  • Bundles of spruce and Douglas fir (or a combination of evergreens available in your area)
  • 1 bundle of holly
  • 1 metal wreath frame
  • Spool of florist wire
  • 2 yards of wide ribbon in the color of your choice
  • Glue gun
  • All purpose glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors/ clippers
  • Dried berries / small Christmas tree baubles or ornaments/ glitter

Trimming the evergreens and making bunches

  1. Cut the spruce and Douglas fir into 6 to 10 inch pieces with the clippers and separate into piles. Trim the holly too and keep separate from the greens. Bunch the Douglas fir and spruce together using 3 to four pieces per bunch and secure by wrapping florist wire to the base of the bunches. Cut away the excess wire if necessary.
  2. Find the bunches that look the best.
  3. Look through the bunches you have created and separate them into two piles. One with the ‘prettier’ bunches (the fuller and larger looking ones) that will be used in the center and one with the not so pretty that will be used on the sides. Starting with the ‘pretty” bunches, hold one against the wire frame and secure it to the frame using more florist wire. Repeat this process until the center of the frame is complete. Use bunches from the second pile to fill in the outer edges of the frame.
  4. Add the holly
  5. Reach for the pile of holly clippings and artfully insert them at intervals. Placing them between bunches should make them stick, but you can use the glue gun for an extra hold.
  6. Make sure the frame is completely covered
  7. Look carefully at the wreath and add leftover bunches anywhere the frame is visible. Glue clippings directly to the frame where necessary.


This simple evergreen wreath is now complete but you do have the option to decorate it with ribbons, berries or small Christmas tree baubles and ornaments. Using the ribbon, wrap the entire wreath with leaving even spacing so that the wreath shows through. Optionally, you can glue berries or ornaments to the centers of the bunches. You can also paint sections of the bunches with all purpose glue and sprinkle glitter on the wreath for an extra holiday shine. Allow any decorations added using glue to set before using the wreath.


  • Use as much wire as you need to secure the bunches to the frame. The wires are behind the scenes so make sure that nothing will fall off. Give the wreath a firm shake when it’s complete, especially if it’s going to be hung on a front door that will have lots of traffic during the holidays.
  • Try not to add decorations that are too heavy as this may make hanging the wreath difficult.
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