How to Make a Family Tree

Making a family tree is not only a thrilling hobby. It may also turn out helpful in tracing ancestors for propensities, talents, and gifts present in the family that could flow down to the generations. Here is how to make your own.

Organize Family Detectives

The job of constructing one’s family tree would be easier and lots more fun if it is a family project. So start organizing the family. One should record and organize all findings, one or two should interview people, one should plan for trips, another should research on the Internet, and so on. Organization is important when attempting this task.

Start with Parents

The question often asked is how to start? Some say start with the Internet. That may be a good idea, but it is always good to start first with one’s parents or grandparents, if they’re still available. Most parents have ideas about two generations before them told by their parents, grandparents, or other relatives. Better if one’s grandparents could be interviewed. Seek other senior relatives, too. Tracing ancestors is lots more exciting when senior family or clan members tell of them, and it makes procedures easier.

Go Back to One’s Hometown

It is inevitable that a researcher dealing with how to make a family tree go back to where it all started. Parents or grandparents can help give tips on what places to go to for tracing ancestors. They may have lived in different places or in one locality. Once in the locality go to the local public library, local archives (if any), town church baptismal and death records, local cemetery interment records, local news files, or the town or city hall records section. Go over hospital records. Ask help form the city registrar’s office. Ask for relevant files or family records.

Interview People from the Hometown

Seek out senior town residents who grew up in the place. Interview them about one’s family or clan members who used to live there. They may have attended the same schools, joined the same clubs, or did the same hobbies. In the course of these activities, they may have learned important information about one’s family or clan that may point to other leads that would help complete your project. Real detective work is involved in how to make a proper family tree. Careful connecting of details in tracing ancestors is vital.

Consult the Internet

Finally, search on the Internet. Type the names of the family ancestors gathered in the course of the interviews. In all these, one finding will lead to another until completed. However, bear in mind that family tress seldom get very comprehensive and there will usually be gaps.

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