How to Kill a Tree

Probably no one wants to harm a tree, much less kill it; unless it starts being a nuisance in the area or getting in the way of progress. Then people will need effective ways on how to kill a tree. Here are five ways.

Cut It Down

The first and simplest way is cut down the tree with an ax or a chainsaw if it is too big for an ax. But often, felling trees needs to be done under some environmental law, so it’s best to consult the local authorities about it first. Make sure the procedure on how to kill a tree is within the bounds of law.

Use Herbicides

There are herbicides designed to effectively kill a tree slowly but surely. Just make sure that the herbicide usage instructions are followed to the letter to avoid destruction of other nearby plants and trees. If the person applying this poison for trees is not careful, overspray or drift may ruin other vegetation. And it could cost a considerable sum, too.

Moist and Fungus

Another option on how to kill a tree is to use moist and fungus. Stimulate their growth inside the tree to be killed by drilling holes about one and half inches in diameter around the tree trunk. Then fill them with nitrogen fertilizer. This keeps the tree moist to attract the growth of fungus. Fungus can act as a poison for trees. More fungus growth means decomposition. The process may take 4 to 6 weeks, but it costs lesser than herbicides.

Salt and Water

Here is a more cost-effective solution: use salt and water. With the right proportion, this can serve as a deadly poison for trees. The proportion ought to be one part salt to two parts water. Pour this mixture around the tree. It is a simple procedure on how to kill a tree, but it should be repeated 4 times to take effect. The tree will die in 4 to 6 weeks. To protect other plants from the mixture, dig a trench around the tree and pour the concoction there.

The salt and water formula may also be poured into drill holes made around the base of the tree. Kosher salt is best for this application. After applying, cover the base with sand.

Use Roundup Weed-Killer

Buy a bottle of Roundup, a weed-killer (and a real poison for trees) available in garden shops. Just be careful not to harm other useful trees with it. To be safe, drill many holes around the trunk at a steep angle and pour the Roundup contents into them, being careful not to spill them over. Use a funnel for pouring. Big trees will die in two weeks or less.

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