How to Install Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has gained popularity as a home siding material in North America. The main attraction of vinyl sidings to new homeowners and builders is its appearance, convenience, affordability, and potential to save energy. These are the same reasons why current homeowners replace their sidings with vinyl.

Aside from that, vinyl sidings free your home from house painting and it can be installed by the homeowners themselves. Here are the steps on how to install vinyl siding.

Prepare The Materials

Before proceeding with the installation, you will need to prepare the materials that will be used for the process. For installing vinyl siding, you would need a knife, framing square, and tin snips. Likewise, a hammer, tape measure, chalk line, and level will be needed.

A circular saw with plywood blade, specialized tools, and ladders or scaffolding will complete the requirements for installing vinyl siding.

Initial Considerations

Learning how to install vinyl siding is not just all about fastening panels to the exterior wall. Vinyl has the tendency to expand when exposed to heat and contracts when cool. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the vinyl siding can adapt to the different changes without losing its attractiveness.

When installing vinyl siding, you need to have several trim pieces for the purpose of holding the siding in place and covering the ends. Likewise, you should have sufficient space for the panel to expand and contract.

Getting Ready For Installation

Once you have addressed the initial concerns mentioned above, the first step on how to install vinyl siding is to make sure that the current surface is smooth. You may also want to remove the old caulking and replace them with a new one.

It would be good if you would install additional insulation below the vinyl siding. This will protect the material from moisture and maintain the smoothness of the surface.

Install furring strips to maintain insulation and provide a stable surface for nails.

Position Trim Pieces

The next step on how to install vinyl siding is to place the trim pieces before covering the walls. This is important when the vinyl touches something else such as a door or window.

Next, install the starter strips. This is for holding the base of the vinyl to the walls.

Using a chalk line and tape measure, indicate the location of the top plate at each corner. Nailing slots should be 10 inches away from each other. Have an additional ¼” gap to give space for expansion.

Set-up the J-channel around the windows and doors to accept the courses of the vinyl siding. The top piece of the siding should overlap the side by 45 degrees so that moisture will be directed away from the window.

The next thing to install is the inside and outside corner posts.

Install the Panels

The next step on how to install vinyl siding is to assemble the panel. The bottom panel should be safely locked into the starter strip. Push the panel upwards until the interlock meets the starter strip and then fasten it in place. Nails should be placed with 16-inch intervals.

Next, assemble the first course moving in an upward direction until they interlock with the courses below.

The horizontal panels should be overlapped by at least 1-inch. Measure and trim the horizontal panels and install it ¼ inch away from the windows and edges.

Compensate for the ends of the pieces such that no two courses have vertical alignments.

Check every 5 or 6 courses to ensure that the sidings have level installation.

Fasten Vinyl Siding

Place gaps about a dime’s thick between the head of the nails and the siding. This is to make sure that the siding is intact when they expand or contract.

Nails should be driven in a straight direction not downward. This is to prevent the panels from being distorted.

Place the nails at the center of the slots to allow expansion and contraction.

Start nailing in the center panel going to the edges.

Learning how to install vinyl siding can be challenging but following these steps can make it look easy.

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