How to Install Vinyl Flooring

People constantly look for ways that can help them improve the overall appearance of their homes. One of the ways that can help them enhance their homes is through stylish floors. Acquiring the services of professionals to do this job is quite an expensive thing to do. For a chance to enhance the way their homes look and save more money, they can follow these simple steps on how to install vinyl flooring.

Materials Needed

Before learning how to install vinyl flooring, people need to gather first all the important materials that they will need throughout the installation process. These include a bucket, an adhesive, and a floor scraper. Add to that, they must also bring a scrub brush, an adhesive trowel, and an adhesive remover. Furthermore, they also need to bring in a few other significant materials such as a cleanser and a roller measuring around 75 to 150 pounds.


The very first part of the job is to take off the old floors. In case of carpets, simply remove the tack strips attached to walls before rolling out the carpet floors. Meanwhile, if the floors are made out of wood, level them first using the floor scraper. On the other hand, concrete floors must be scrubbed clean before installing the vinyl floorings, which can help eliminate dirt and other unwanted factors. After washing the floors, be sure to let them dry completely.

After cleaning the floors thoroughly, it is now time for measuring the entire areas to be covered. When doing so, be sure to take out all the appliances and furniture inside such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and tables. Aside from these items, people must also take note of the other permanent fixtures inside in order for the measurements to be as accurate as possible. When the floors are entirely free from everything that can impede the process, they can now lay the vinyl flooring freely, ensuring that it is flat as possible. When cutting the edges, be sure to add some few extra inches at the end for a nicer fit in the end.

After cutting through the corners of the vinyl to make them fit the entire floor, it is now the right time to put the adhesive. Choose a particular spot where to start, and then little by little put some glue between the floor and the vinyl. Be sure to place the appropriate amount of adhesive in order for the vinyl to stick nicely on the floor. When the floor is entirely covered, get the roller and then use it to level the vinyl, thus removing excess air underneath it. Be sure to return the appliances and furniture only after the adhesives dry off completely.

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