How to Install Vertical Blinds

Blinds are highly preferred window treatments due to their indomitable charm. Plus, there is that promise of durability that makes your every dollar worth it.

There are different types of window blinds. One of the most popular is the vertical blinds. They are often employed in sliding windows and even glass doors. They are widely used to cover up huge windows. Learning how to install vertical blinds starts with making a decision whether to choose one that can be mounted on a frame or on a bracket located outside the frame.

Blinds Mounted on a Frame

For vertical blinds that are mounted on a frame, you will need to first make holes onto the L-shaped valance. Next, you need to screw holes onto the upper frame of either your window or door. Then, you will attach the valance on the frame, snap the vertical blinds headrail on the brackets you have installed, and attach the vanes.

Blinds Mounted on an Outside Bracket

For vertical blinds that are mounted on a bracket that is located outside the window or door frame, you will need to locate the placement of the blinds by making pencil marks from the point where you want your blinds to reach to the top of the window. After making the marks, you need to measure the position of the brackets. Since you need the headrail to be placed on the window and make sure that it is in the proper level, you may need to ask for some help on this step. After making the necessary marks, you need to attach the brackets onto the wall, hook the headrail on the mounted brackets and attach the vanes.

When installing vertical blinds, you will need basic materials like a Phillips head screwdriver or a Nut driver and a power drill. Along with your blinds, there are also some parts included in the package, which will be needed for the installation of your window shades. There’s the valance clips, the inside mount clips, the outside mount brackets, the mounting screws, the cord tensioner screws, the pulley, the cord tensioner, and the cord tensioner anchors.

Make sure that at least one helper is available because it would be difficult for you to do all the tasks involved alone. If you are not confident that you can do this job on your own, you may also call for professional help to ensure that the installation process is followed closely. Be prepared to be charged for that service, though.

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