How to Install Replacement Windows

People use replacement windows for a variety of reasons, one of which is to enhance the way houses look. Add to that, they also use such type of windows because of its energy efficiency. Despite these benefits and advantages, many individuals shy away from using this kind of windows because it costs a lot, especially when done professionally by other people. To eliminate installation costs and other professional charges, it is much better for people to learn how to install replacement windows by themselves.

Materials Needed

Equipped with the right materials and tools, installing replacement windows is a much easier thing to accomplish. For those who are planning to engage in this particular task, they must bring in all the appropriate things such as utility knife, chisel, and reciprocating saw. Also needed in this particular project are the replacement windows, drop cloths, and level. Furthermore, be sure to bring in other important items like tape measure, hammer and nails, as well as pry bar. Do not forget to bring some shims, caulk and a caulking gun.


The very first thing to consider when learning how to install replacement windows is the material and style that will best fit your interest. This thing is important because there are variety of options to select from including windows made from composite materials, wood, and vinyl. Additionally, there are also varying styles when it comes to window installation such as casement, single-hung, and double-hung.

After choosing the desired type of window as well as style, it is now time to make the necessary measurements for these particular preferences. Using the tape measure, get the width and height of the old windows. In doing this step, make sure that the new window will match the frame of the old window. After making the appropriate measurements, order them exactly as measured. When the orders arrive, be sure that the window frame is still in good shape in order to achieve a desirable result. Simply remove the structures or items that hold the window frames in place. After that, remove the old glass and then clean the frame thoroughly. Be sure to take away the old caulk as well as nails that were used to hold the old glass.

After this, it is now time to put on the new glass. First, make sure that it perfectly fits the frame. When the perfect fit is achieved, use the caulk gun to run a caulk within the stops of the window. Additionally, be sure to add some caulk to the windowsill. To ensure that the window fits well to the frame, use a level to remove unwanted plumbs. Use the shims to hold the glass right on its proper place. Use the finishing nails to return the inside stops of the window. Add some more caulk at the point where the frame and stops meet. With the help of a chisel, check the frames if they are strong enough to hold the new window in place.

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