How to Install a Wood Stove

A wood stove can be an attractive addition to any room. Compared to central heating, which generates eat for the entire house using a duct system, a wood stove creates heat only for the room where it is located. One of the strengths of a wood stove is that it offers a cheap source of heat.

When learning how to install a wood stove, you would need to consider the kind of stove and where it will be located. Likewise, you should put into consideration your fireplace and if you are willing to do some repairs. The most important consideration is to read the manual that comes with the wood stove. Here then are the steps on how to install a wood stove.

Choose The Type of Stove

There are various kinds of wood stoves that are available in the market. The first step on how to install a wood stove is to look for the one that suits your requirements. Some wood stoves are customized for your fireplace and it is easier to install than the freestanding wood stove.

However, the advantage of the traditional cast iron wood stove is that it provides visual warmth to the room where it is located. Aside from that, cast iron has a greater heat holding capacity than steel and it burns at higher temperatures.

The soapstone stove, on the other hand, may require more time to heat than the cast iron stove but the heat provides heat throughout the day.

Prepare The Location

When you have chosen the kind of stove, the next step on how to install a wood stove is to search the house where you can position the appliance.

Another consideration on how to install a wood stove is the location. It must be huge enough to assemble a stainless steel, double-insulated pipe outside the room and then install a chase for covering.

You should also consider the protection for the wall so see to it that the wall is non-flammable. If you opt for a freestanding wood stove, the protection for the floor is another consideration. It should be 18 inches away from the appliance.

Installing The Chimney Pipe

Ideally, the chimney pipe should be straight in order to receive a good draw. If your house has a fireplace, simply set up a direct-connect kit. It consists of an oval pipe that is inserted into the flu and metal panel that is responsible for sealing the area surrounding the pipe.

To prevent the pipe from leaking, you will need to add a flashing and seal. You should have made the necessary measurements in the opening of your fireplace before considering this option because various kinds of vents require different heights.

Finally, when learning how to install a wood stove, you need to assemble a six-inch pipe to pass through the flue. In general, the measurement of the flue is 12 x 12 inches. For the outside portion, you will need to install a chimney liner with cap. Insulated chimney pipes should be used and you should have excess for your ceiling.

By following the steps mentioned above, being a master of how to install a wood stove can be easy as 1-2-3.

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