How to Install a Handrail

A handrail is usually found next to an escalator or stairway. It is something that people hold on to as they go up or as they go down such building fixtures. It gives them balance, convenience and safety. Without it, it is very difficult and scary to ascend and descend houses and buildings. Furthermore, commercial establishments need this kind of support so they can pass the strict building codes and standards. For those who want to learn how to install a handrail, here are some of the important points and steps to remember.

Materials Needed

Installing a handrail is not that hard. To do this moderately easy task, it only takes proper information and the right materials to accomplish. Begin by gathering the different things you need including a handrail, screwdriver and saw. Likewise, you will also need a chalk line, a heavy-duty drill as well as mounting brackets.


You can begin this project by measuring the desired height for the handrail. The usual building standard is 36 inches. When doing this, there is also a need to consider other important factors such as the design, length and shape of the handrail and the mounting brackets. After establishing the desired height and position, mark the top and bottom parts of the stairs where the handrail is to be placed. Connect the marks with a chalk line. This will serve as a guide that can make the task easier to accomplish.

The next important step is to determine the right spots where to place the studs where to place the mounting brackets. Most of the time, the studs are placed at the bottom, middle and top parts of the handrail. Of course, you may want to add a couple or more studs depending on the length and weight of the available handrail. The positions of the studs must be within the chalk line. Drill holes for the studs.

When the holes are made, attach the mounting brackets into the wall. Use screws for this important step. When the handrail is too long for the stairs, you may want to cut it. Attach the handrail right onto the brackets and then screw it tightly in place. Make sure that it is screwed in place well. It is good to paint the handrail so it can match the design as well as the color of the house or establishment.

Additional Tips and Information

For the chalk line, experts in home construction recommend the use of baby powder because it is easy to remove. In terms of building standards, it is good to check first the standards set by a particular county or city. In most cases, the usual height set for handrails is somewhere around 32 inches to 34 inches.

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