How to Install a Door

Installing a new door can be a challenging task because of various considerations such as space and the size and type of door. The best thing to do is have a concrete plan before proceeding with the installation. You first need to decide whether to replace an old door or assemble a new one.

By installing a new door, you would have to saw off some portions of your wall. You would be better off purchasing a pre-hung designed door instead. Here you will learn how to install a door.

Considerations For Installing A Door

Since you have opted for using a pre-hung designed door, there is a need to consider the thickness of the wall where you will attach the door. Another important consideration before purchasing a pre-hung designed door is the kind of wall.

Bear in mind that the jambs should be thicker than the wall and should attach to both sides. You should remove the old door from the hinges as well as the trims and assembled jambs with any tool necessary.

Positioning The New Door

The next step on how to install a door is to place it at the rough opening. Have another person assist you by staying at the other end. This will facilitate the proper positioning of the door.

Continue making adjustments until the door is fully flushed to the wall. Push some shims in the middle of the installed jambs and trimmer studs. Do the same on the other side.

This will keep the door from moving and being secured in its place. Use a level for checking plumbs at the jambs. You can monitor it while tapping shims in its place using a hammer. Remove excess shims with a utility knife.

You need to ensure that the door is level and snug tightly on the wall before you nail the door in its place.

Test The New Door

The next step on how to install a door is to test whether it is working or level. When the new door is in place, you can test it by opening and closing. Make sure that it is functioning properly. To test if the door is level, open and stop the door at a certain point. You would know that the door is level if it does not move from the point where it was stopped.

Assemble the Exterior Trimmings

The final step in learning how to install a door is to assemble the exterior trimmings when the door is already level and in good working condition. Use a 2-inch finishing nail or caulk bead. The handle and the lock are the last components of the new door that should be installed.

Learning how to install a door can be easy as long as you follow the steps mentioned above.

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