How to Hire an Employee

Whether it is because a new company is starting up, there is an expansion in an existing company or a position that has become vacant for some reason, it will be necessary to hire an employee. The process can be simple, and with the right preparation it can be very fast.

Know exactly what you are looking for

Businesses will require or already have an organizational chart. This is a list of every available position within the company and their tasks. For the purpose of filling a vacant spot, the organizational chart will also require the qualifications necessary to fill the role. This will simplify the process or selecting suitable candidates later on for interview. Although it is recommended that an organizational chart be prepared, the other alternative that works for small business owners is simply making a list of the qualities they require in a candidate. This will be used later on when advertising the job.

Start looking for candidates

There are a number of ways to do this:

Option one: Staffing companies

Staffing companies will do the job of a human resource manager for you. They will require a company profile, as well as a list of the qualities you are looking for in a candidate. Staffing companies work best when companies are seeking temporary employees. The interview process, hiring and payroll are all handled through the company, making the work for a busy employer minimal.

Option two: Advertising a job vacancy

Companies that have their own human resource department will find that they may wish to advertise vacancies with a number of job websites or local newspapers. This involves having a list of education and experience qualifications and a description of the job that can be posted online. Depending on the website, candidates can either post their resumes for an employer to browse and contact potential candidates, or can post a job description and be contacted by candidates. The employer can then select the most qualified candidates for an interview.

Interviewing candidates

Once contact has been made with potential employees, it is time to narrow down the field. This is done by interviewing candidates. Interviews should work to the advantage of the employer and be carried out at a time and place convenient to them. A list of questions should be prepared in advance that each candidate will be asked. This will vary depending on the job.

If a final decision cannot be made after the first set of interviews, it may be necessary to widen the applicant pool with another job advertisement. Alternately, if there are a number of qualified candidates, a second interview may be necessary before a decision can be made.

Tips and warnings

  • There are a number of federal and local laws for hiring employees. These vary depending on the type of job and should be adhered to.
  • Never discriminate based on race, gender, religion etc.
  • Do not make promises for job benefits, security, salary etc. that will not be met.
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