How to Gut a Deer

Before people can use deer to create their very own culinary specialties, it is very important to remove first certain parts that are of no use in cooking. These include the bladder, stomach, and intestines among other unwanted parts. This process is not only limited to cooking, but also to other purposes. By following these simple steps, people can easily learn how to gut a deer in no time.


For people who like to learn how to gut a deer, all they need are three basic materials. First, they need a large hook, which is enough to hang an adult deer. Second, a huge garbage bag is handy, especially for disposing all the unwanted internal organs. Third, a knife is very important and must be sharp enough to cut easily through the flesh of the deer. After completing these items, they can now move to the actual process of gutting a deer.


Place the dead deer on a convenient platform where the entire gutting process is about to take place. On its back, spread the legs of the deer and then locate its genitals. Use the sharp knife to remove that particular portion. For female deer, cut out the part surrounding the vagina, while for the male deer, be sure to take out the penis as well as the testicles in the process. Be sure to do this carefully, slowly, and gently, in order to avoid hitting the bladder and the gut. This is important because when the knife hits these unwanted parts, an undesirable odor will come out of them and may ruin the meat.

After doing these, be sure to remove the anus as well, using the knife once again to take it out as well as the areas surrounding it. When this is complete, the intestines and stomach are noticeably loosened up. Later on, break its bone within the pelvic area and then make a cut running from that part all the way up to the deer’s neck. In order not to hit the gut, slowly cut the hide and then gently move through its muscle in the belly. After this, simply move on by cutting through the diaphragm, which will then leave its chest open. Take out its windpipe carefully, in order not to emit an unpleasantly sour taste that can ruin the deer meat.

Soon after, take out the remaining intestines and other unwanted areas. Get the garbage bag and then dispose of the internal organs and other removed parts. Seal the bag completely and then dispose them right away in order to prevent them from rotting. Using the hook, hang the deer and then clean them thoroughly with water.

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