How to Grow Watermelons

A watermelon is a fine fruit known primarily for its sweet pleasant taste and highly enticing flavor. However, these qualities can only be achieved when it is grown properly. By learning how to grow watermelons the right way, people can experience the pleasant goodness and benefits of this delicious fruit. Moreover, they can also turn this particular skill into a steady business with handsome returns. Follow these simple instructions on how easy it is to grow watermelons.

Materials Needed

Learning how to grow watermelons may be a little bit tricky at times, especially considering the different factors that may affect or influence the outcome of the process. When doing this particular project, people need several materials and items that may facilitate the growing process. These include floating row covers, fertilizers, and compost makers. In addition, shovels, seeds, and mulch are also part of this task, plus other important gardening tools such as garden trowels and garden hoses. From nurseries, simply purchase young and healthy watermelon plants.


The very first thing to do for this particular task is to select a location where the watermelons can get full access to direct sunlight. Another important thing to consider is that the place must be free from the cold winds brought about by the fall and spring seasons. Furthermore, this spot must allow good air to circulate. A typical soil for watermelons must be sandy and light. A fertile loam is highly recommended, specifically because of its capacity to retain moisture after draining very well.

The best time for growing watermelons is around a couple or three weeks after frost, because it is when the temperatures of the soil and air reach 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not advisable to transfer watermelons from one particular spot to another, thus making direct sowing a more preferred option. Dig a nice hole that is big enough to place the appropriate soil conditions for watermelons to grow properly. Inside it, add generous volume of organic matter. An ideal hole must be at least one foot in depth and two feet in diameter. In addition to the organic matter earlier on, also put a trowel and compost.

Allot considerable amount of space in between the watermelon plants. Experts recommend a distance of at least 3 to 12 feet apart from each other. Add mulch directly into the mix, which will serve several roles in the growing process like keeping the watermelons clean, deterring weeds, and holding in moisture. To keep warm air available for the plants, simply use floating-row-covers. The young plants only need at least an inch of water for every week.

When the plants grow flowers, the time has come to remove the covers. Insects, particularly bees, will start pollinating the plants. It is also during this period that the growers must use compost tea to fertilize the watermelon plants for at least once in three weeks time. When the plants have fully blossomed, wait for about 35 days before picking up the watermelons.

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