How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

With a scientific name of Ipomoea batata, sweet potato is one of the dicotyledonous plants that are classified under Convolvulaceae. This plant grows in areas that usually have a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing sweet potatoes is a very enjoyable hobby and it is also profitable. For those who want to learn how to grow sweet potatoes, they should consider some factors like weather and soil conditions. In addition, there are simple procedures that they should follow to successfully cultivate these root crops.

Growing Slips

For those who want to learn how to grow sweet potatoes, they should start with getting slips or vine cuttings. To grow slips, they should bury the root crop in a moist soil. They need to observe the plants every day. To make sure that they can grow healthy sweet potatoes, it is necessary to cut slips that are at least six inches long. The vine cuttings should be carefully transplanted in a garden where the root crops will be cultivated.

Cultivating Sweet Potatoes

First, make sure that the garden where the slips will be transplanted has a temperature of not less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to remember that the crops only grow in a moist soil. Second, slips should be planted three inches away from each other. Third, to improve the survival of young slips, gardeners should put black mulch around the vine cuttings. Finally, water the plants daily and apply fertilizers if needed.

Harvesting the Crops

Sweet potatoes can be harvested four to five months after planted. After harvesting these crops, it is important to leave them on the ground for at least two hours. Put the crops in a clean container and store them in a warm area for at least 10 days. Transfer the sweet potatoes in a cool storage and wait for a week before cooking them.


For those who are not yet experienced about cultivating sweet potatoes, these are some tips that they can find helpful. Gardeners can enhance the growth of slips if they place the mother potato in a jar with warm water before they plant it in a potted soil. When it comes to the cultivation of the plants, it is important to remove weeds that usually grow with sweet potatoes. In addition, gardeners must get rid of mice since they usually eat the roots of these plants. Finally, always remember that these crops need sufficient supply of sunshine and they need to be harvested before frost.

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