How to Grow Potatoes

One of the starchy crops classified under the family Solanaceae, potato is rich in minerals and vitamins that are very important to human health. This perennial herb is also popular because of its high carbohydrate content. To individuals who want to learn how to grow potatoes, they should know that these plants are cultivated from seeds. It is also advantageous if they ask assistance from gardeners who are experienced in planting and cultivating potatoes. For the sake of those who want to extend their understanding on growing these plants, they must follow these important steps to successfully cultivate potatoes in their backyards and gardens.

Planting the Seeds

First, purchase tater seeds from nurseries and select an area where the seeds will be planted. The place should have abundant supply of sunlight and water. It is also necessary that the soil is rich in potassium, as well as in potassium. Second, cultivate the soil by putting or adding compost to improve its texture. To ensure that the seeds will grow, they should be planted right after the frost. Third, plant the seeds in the soil following the deep-planting method. It is important to allot a distance of 12 inches in between seeds. Fourth, water the plant everyday and apply fertilizers if necessary.

Growing and Harvesting Potatoes

Knowing how to grow potatoes is very rewarding and beneficial. To maximize the benefits from growing potatoes, gardeners should know the right time to harvest the crops. One way of determining that the seeds are starting to grow is by looking at its stems. If the stems start to appear on the surface, then they can harvest the crops after few weeks. Harvesting of potatoes can occur two months after the seeds were planted. It is necessary that potatoes be harvested before the cold season. To ensure that they can harvest matured potatoes, it is best to apply the mulching method.

Warnings and Tips

People who want to grow potatoes are discouraged from purchasing seeds at supermarkets since most of these seeds do not sprout. They should also consider the climate where they will plant the seeds. To those who live in areas where temperatures during summer season usually hit 85 degrees Fahrenheit, these are the classes that they should plant, Yukon Gold, Anoka, and Irish Cobbler. Gardeners are also reminded to observe the growth of the seeds regularly since taters are prone to numerous plant diseases. Thus, everyone who wants to grow or cultivate potatoes is advised to order or buy seeds from popular nurseries.

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