How to Grow Peanuts

Peanuts are actually not nuts but are part of the legume family. People would want to know how to grow peanuts on their own backyard for various reasons. Some would want to sell them, others grow them just for their own personal consumption, while yet others would just like to make peanut butter.

Pay attention and take note of various details as you grow your plants. Each of the steps on how to grow peanuts is just as important as the others.

Choosing Your Site

The first step on how to grow peanuts is to look for a great location. The ideal location for your peanuts is the spot on your backyard where the soil is sandy and lightly colored. Your seeds should be planted where there are large amounts of compost.

What You Need

After locating a good spot, the next step on how to grow peanuts is to prepare needed items. You can get peanut seeds fresh from your favorite grocery store. Just make sure they’re raw and not the dried variety. It is preferred by many to buy peanuts that have their red skin on them. Other than your peanuts, you will also need compost and fertilizer.

Planting and Growing

The next thing you need to do is to plow the soil where you’ll plat your peanuts. You may plow your soil up to seven inches deep or even more if you wish. Make sure that your soil on the spot you chose drains quite well. You should plant your peanuts after the year’s last frost.

The next step on how to grow peanuts will involve the actual sowing of your seeds. They should be sown about two inches into your plowed soil with compost and manure or fertilizer. If you’ve got lots of weeds on your backyard or if the ground is a bit too hard then add two inches of mulch on the surface.

Space each peanut plant about seven inches apart. This would ensure that your kernels would remain whole in time for harvest. Water your newly planted peanuts well until they begin to sprout.

Peanut Harvesting

The last step on how to grow peanuts is the harvest. It will take up to 130 days for your peanuts to mature and be ready for harvest. You don’t need to do anything fancy when harvesting your peanuts, all you need to do is to pull the entire plant off the ground.

By this time the undergrowth should now be yellow. Pull your peanuts off and allow them to dry for a couple of weeks. Make sure to store them where it’s cool and dry and soon they’ll be ready for roasting.

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