How to Grow Okra

More gardeners today are discovering the wonders of okra. Also known to others as gumbo, okra is an African herb that is grown in the southern US. Some Asian countries grow this herb as a delicacy and served as a stew or soup. This plant loves the warm sunny weather, which means you have to find the sunniest sections of your home to plant this herb.

Plan and Prepare Your Site

The first thing you need to learn on how to grow okra is to plan and prepare your garden site. Find a section of your garden that has the most sunlight and reserve it for your okra plants. The soil for your okra should be well drained.

Temperatures should remain within a 75 to 90 degree Fahrenheit range. Keep your soil’s pH levels at a range of 6.5 to 7.5. Remember that okra can grow quite tall so your site should be able to accommodate large plants.

What You Need

Learning how to grow okra will not require you to purchase any special equipment. You just need your regular gardening tools and any organic fertilizer. To prepare your garden site, mix well-cured manure into your garden soil. You can choose to plant seedlings or grow your own in a seed bed.

Okra is susceptible to cold soil temperatures so you better check if the temperature drops below 65 degrees. Another important reminder on how to grow okra at home is to plant them with ample space in between. Seeds are ideally planted one inch deep into the soil and each plant is at a distance of 12 to 24 inches from other okra plants.

Soil Care

Like other herbs, the soil for your okra plants should be well cared for. This is also an important part of how to grow okra at home. Getting rid of weeds on your site should not necessitate the use of chemical sprays. At times it will require a bit of regular work on the ground to keep the weeds away from your okra.

Watering your plants is another important element on how to grow okra at home. Though okra plants need a lot of sunlight they will also require adequate soil moisture. It is interesting that your okra plants will require at least one inch of water each week. Summer still remains the most suitable time of the year for you to plant okra.

Growing Them at Home

The steps on how to grow okra at home are just as easy for any other herb you might wish to plant. You won’t need any fancy piece of equipment, just your dedication and hard work.

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