How to Grow Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms is a very relaxing, enjoyable, and beneficial hobby that people can do during their leisure time. If people can successfully grow mushrooms in their backyards or gardens, they will find it very rewarding since some kinds of mushrooms are edible so they can add these in their dishes or they can sell to get profits. However, to do this task easily, it is necessary that gardeners have backgrounds on various gardening methods such as growing mushrooms on a log and raising mushrooms with the use of a mushroom kit.

Cultivating Mushrooms on a Log

For individuals who like to know how to grow mushrooms on a log, they have nothing to worry because the process is very simple and easy. The most important step that they need to do is to buy a large rice cake at stores that sell gardening supplies. This rice cake should be placed in a moist and dark area since this is where mushrooms will grow. Meanwhile, for those who want to create their own rice cake, they need shredded straw and spawn. Boil the straw and combine it with spawn. Spawn can be bought in greenhouse. After combining the straw with spawn, gardeners should wrap them with some plastic.

After preparing the rice cake, leave it in a dry place for several days. It is important that gardeners inspect the rice cake every day until they see white substance. They need to water the rice cake often and put it in a cool area at the onset of the white substance. After several weeks, they can see and harvest mushrooms at the rice cake.

Cultivating Mushrooms with the Use of a Mushroom Kit

On the other hand, for those who want to cultivate mushrooms with the use of a mushroom kit, they need to put the kit in dry and warm area of the house. Leave the kit for several days and wait until they see mushroom sprouts. As soon as they can see sprouts, they need to water the mushrooms every day until these are full-grown and ready to eat. To make sure that they will grow mushrooms successfully, gardeners are encouraged to follow the instructions that are commonly detailed in the mushroom kit that they will use.

Mushrooms are not easy to grow. Gardeners should be patient and dedicated when they try to grow them because it will take them months before they can have full-grown mushrooms in their gardens or backyards.

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