How to Grow Grass

Growing grass is one of the interesting and relaxing activities that people can do to enhance the aesthetic value of their gardens. Some individuals like to grow grass to make their lawns more attractive and appealing. Even if growing grass from seeds is a complicated and hard task to do, everyone can do it if they are dedicated and if they will allot enough time to know the basics of grass growing. To learn how to grow grass, it is best that new gardeners start with exploring and knowing the essential steps involved in successful grass growing.

Tools and Equipment

There are some tools and equipment that gardeners can find very useful in grass growing. During the initial stage, they can use levelers, plows, shovels, and rakes to make sure that the soil where they will plant grass seeds is healthy. Other gardening tools that individuals can find very useful or helpful are water sprinklers, garden fork, and grass shears.


Knowing how to grow grass is beneficial to gardeners because it can truly add beauty to their gardens and lawns. First, it is very important that they eliminate or kill all the weeds and crabgrass in the gardens. To successfully kill crabgrass, people can use pre-emergent herbicides. To make sure that the soil will remain healthy after eliminating weeds, gardeners are advised to use organic herbicides such as corn gluten.

Second, gardeners should dig, till and cultivate the soil where they plan to grow grass. With the use of some gardening tools, individuals can level and edge the ends, as well as corners of their lawns and gardens. Third, it is important to apply fertilizers to the soil. It is also advantageous to enhance the soil nutrients by applying soil conditioner and phosphorus.

Fourth, when the garden is all set, it is about time to start planting grass seeds. Gardeners can plant these seeds manually or they can use seed spreaders. Since this activity is more difficult to do during cold season, then the best thing to do to assure that they can still grow grass at this time is to increase the seeds that they will plant in their gardens. Finally, to make sure that the grass seeds will grow healthy, gardeners should water their lawns every day. For the convenience of gardeners, it is helpful to use water sprinkler when watering grass seeds since this tool allows them to water their lawns evenly and systematically.

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