How to Grow Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are popular vegetables to cultivate in the garden. They are endemic in Central and North American regions. Sweet and green bell peppers are not yet ripe so do not touch it until it becomes red. Aside from the texture, their flavor will likewise change. Learning how to grow bell peppers is easy by following the procedures below.

Before starting how to grow bell peppers, the first thing to do is prepare the materials. You will need a garden, bell peppers seeds or seedlings, water, mulch, or organic insecticides when required.

Prepare The Seeds

  1. Place the seeds 8 weeks before the last frost inside your house on a 2-inch pot or slightly smaller.
  2. For the garden, prepare the compost, general fertilizer, and manure.
  3. After the last frost, transfer the bell pepper seedlings outside. If the weather is still cold, wait for several days before transferring them outdoors. The soil should be at least 70 to 85 degrees prior to bringing them outside.
  4. The seedlings should be positioned 18 to 24 inches apart from each other. The rows should be between 24 to 36 inches apart. The spacing would depend on the variety of bell pepper you are planning to grow.

Take Care of the Seeds

  1. The next step on how to grow bell peppers is to regularly water the seeds particularly during the summer. Bell peppers prefer the soil to be moist. Insufficient water would make the bell pepper taste bitter.
  2. Add mulch throughout the bell peppers to prevent weeds from growing and maintaining their moisture.
  3. Check for spider mites and aphids using an organic insecticide.
  4. Once the bell pepper has reached edible size, you can easily harvest the bell pepper at any time you desire. Immature bell peppers are green and can be harvested any time you look. On the other hand, matured bell peppers are colored orange, yellow, green, purple, or red depending on the variety of bell pepper.
  5. To continue harvesting the bell peppers, clip off the plants but avoid pulling them. Bell peppers will continue their growth until the first frost arrives.

Additional Tips When Planting Bell Peppers

When learning how to grow bell peppers, you need to remember that the germination of the seed takes about 6 to 8 days.

Once you have cultivated the first peppers, surround each plant with 2 tablespoons of fertilizer at least 6 inches from the stem. Water the plants. This will result to more yield as well as improve the quality of the pepper.

When stored at 45 to 55 degrees at relative humidity, the life span of bell peppers can be up to three weeks. When you add nitrogen to your plants, your bell pepper will appear bushy with few peppers.

By applying the steps mentioned above, you will be able to master how to grow bell peppers.

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