How to Grow Aloe Vera

Planning to grow aloe vera in your garden? Here are the steps on how to grow aloe vera.

Choosing The Location

The first step on how to grow aloe vera is to designate an area where you will grow the plant. If you are living in a mild climate, it is recommended to plant the herb in the pot and position it near the window where it can be exposed to sunlight. During the summer, you can take the pot outdoors.

If you intend to plant aloe vera outside, choose a location where the soil is well drained and has complete sunlight. In case you are growing the plant indoors, you should have available pots so you can take them out during the summer. In the cold months, you can transfer the plants inside a greenhouse.

Preparing The Garden or Site

When learning how to grow aloe vera indoors, you should grow the plant in a rich quality soil consisting of a mixture of pebbles, compost, and sand.

You need to be sure that the base of the pot is receiving good drainage. For large areas, place the plant on pots that has a minimum measurement of 18 inches. By doing this, you give the plant ample time to achieve full growth.

If you want to plant it in a greenhouse, you have to prepare a glass frame to cover it from extreme cold.

Watering Specifications

Learning how to grow aloe vera also requires knowledge of the right watering requirements. You should water the plants at least once per week especially when the soil in the garden is dry. However, you should not over water the plants. One or two cups of 300 ml water are sufficient enough.

In the summer, the entire aloe vera pot can be soaked in water but make sure that there is good drainage so the root of the plants will not rot.

Determine The Right Nutrients And Planting Season

Aloe vera requires sunlight and sufficient water in order to grow. Aside from that, it is recommended that you uproot all the weeds to make sure that the soil retains its acidity. Likewise, it is advisable to use ammonium nitrate as supplement to the soil each year

Aloe vera is very prominent in tropical regions. It is popular in dry and warm regions. If you have a cool climate, growing aloe vera may become a failure.

Learning how to grow aloe vera is important if you want to become successful in growing the herb.

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