How to Get Rid of Underarm Stains

Underarm stains are very annoying, mainly because of their resistance to regular soaps and detergents. To eliminate such problem, various manufacturers have created products that are guaranteed to remove even stubborn stains, especially under the armpit areas of clothes. Here is a quick take on the different ways that people need to learn on how to get rid of underarm stains.

The Conventional Way of Removing Underarm Stains

Using regular white vinegar, try to wipe off the underarm stain. After that, get a denatured alcohol then place it a container that is enough to soak the particular shirt. Allow it to stay for some time before washing it the conventional way using ordinary detergent. Use hot water to wash it, with temperature just warm enough not to destroy or affect the quality of the clothing fabric.

Underarm Stain Removal with the Use of Bleach

Bleaching is primarily a very tough process for fabrics. For underarm stains, people need not bleach the entire clothing. Instead, they can treat only the particular spot that is stained. One of the trusted products when it comes to bleaching is Clorox, which is proven effective against hard-to-remove stains and dirt. Pour in some small amount of the product directly right into the stain, and then get a small brush to scrub the unsightly dirt away. After bleaching, rinse the clothing fabric with water. Repeat this simple process until the stain goes away completely.

The Efficacy of OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover

Another product that people can effectively use when learning how to get rid of underarm stains is OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover. Mix at least one or two scoops of this item with a basin full of water, then dip the shirt and allow it to stand for at least one to two days before washing. This stain remover is guaranteed to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt out there.

Pre-Treatment Solutions for Underarm Stain Removal

For people who barely have the time to wash their clothes, they can instead use pre-treatment solutions, which can only take a small amount of their time. One of the most trusted products under this category is Spray and Wash, which claims to have a dual efficiency against tough stains and hard-to-remove dirt. Simply apply this product directly into the stain, and then allow it to stand for some time before washing the cloth completely. Another special product with almost the same effectiveness against unwanted underarm stains is Spray and Wash Stain Stick, which is smaller and handier, yet is just as efficient in treating stains and dirt in clothes.

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