How to Get Rid of Gnats

Gnats are flying insects classified under the suborder Nematocera, as well as the order Diptera. Even if the life span of these insects is only four months, people cannot frequently see them because most of the time gnats lay eggs in dirty places like sink drains and trash cans. Aside from these, these insects also like to stay and lay eggs in overwatered plants. For individuals who want to know how to get rid of gnats in their places, there are some essential steps or procedures that they should follow to successfully eliminate these pests.


The first step that people should do if they want to get rid of gnats is to use insecticidal soap sprays. These sprays can terminate these insects without causing any harm to humans. However, these chemicals are only useful or the sprays are only effective if there are only limited numbers of gnats in their places. Meanwhile, if the place is truly infested by these pests, they need to find and kill the source since they cannot eliminate all these insects if they will not follow this step.

The best way to locate the source of infestation is to prepare several jars. Pour vinegar until the jars are almost full. With the use of plastic tapes cover the jars. Do not forget to prick holes on the covers so that the scent of vinegar will attract and trap gnats. Put jars in the different areas of the house. The jar with the greatest number of the insects indicates that the source of pests is just near the place where the jar is placed.

The second step is to clean the surroundings to get rid of gnats. Always remember to drain and keep the drip pan in refrigerators clean. In addition, keep a closer look at window seals since gnats also lay their eggs in these places. Moreover, people should avoid leaving dirty dishes in kitchen sinks since these attract insects to their homes.

Other Remedies

For those who do not want to use insect sprays, there are other remedies that they can use to eliminate gnats in their homes such as the use of vinegar trap. This trap is composed of a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of detergent powder. Dissolve the detergent in the vinegar and place the trap in the part of the house where gnats usually lay their eggs. Aside from these, individuals can also pour ammonia to their kitchen sink.

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