How to Get Ink Out of Clothes

Imagine having an ink blot on one of your favorite shirts! Wondering if there is any remedy? Fortunately, there is. Here are some simple tricks that can help you get ink out of clothes.

Materials Needed

The following list includes the things you will need for this process:

  • light-colored, clean cloths the colors of which, do not blot
  • baby wipes
  • hair spray
  • white or clear dish washing liquid
  • milk
  • corn starch
  • white vinegar
  • discarded but clean toothbrush
  • denatured or isopropyl alcohol

It may not be necessary to use all these things but when considering techniques on how to get ink out of clothes, the more ways the better.


Place a soft light-colored cloth underneath the clothes in question. This is to prevent the ink blot from affecting the other side of the clothes when the blot is being treated. This is a necessary precaution before you work on getting the ink out of clothes. Test other solvents on other cloths before using them to get the ink blot off the shirt. Or test them on the hidden part of the clothes. This is to double check for discoloration.

Baby Wipe

Try to dab at the blot with moist or baby wipes. Sometimes, this does the trick and it is not necessary to go through the whole rigor of trying all those other solvents. If this simple method on how to get ink out of clothes does not work, then try hair sprays.

Hair Spray

First, dab the blotted spot with lukewarm water and a soft cloth to remove fresh ink marks. Apply hair spray on the blot. Then, dab again with a clean cloth with lukewarm water and dish washing liquid. That ought to do the trick. If it does not, then try milk.


Soak the affected spot in a bowl of milk for at least an hour. To break down the ink stain, make a vinegar and cornstarch solution and put liberally on the spot. This procedure on how to get ink out of clothes is, by far, the toughest one. This ought to solve the problem once and for all. When the solution dries, brush away with a discarded toothbrush.


But if the milk, vinegar and cornstarch formula is still ineffective, try this last ditch solution — the alcohol treatment. Dab denatured or isopropyl alcohol on the spot with cotton or a soft cloth. Then rinse it.

These measures on how to get ink out of clothes should be enough to remedy this problem. Laundry the clothes and dry. Just remember that before drying the clothes, make sure that the ink stain has been removed completely.

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