How to Get a Six Pack

Wrestlers, body builders, pro athletes, male models… What do all these fellows have in common? Aside from a well toned and well maintained body, among their best assets are their six pack abs. Who doesn’t want to achieve well chiseled abdominal muscles like these guys? Given the right information and proper mind set, anyone can do regular workouts that target this area to create the desired effect.

Are Products Good for You?

Perhaps you have heard of ab rollers, sauna belts, massage belts, creams, and pills for creating fab abs. First things first, six pack abs are not guarantees that go along with these TV shopping products. Though all of them show promising results, take note that they are not always applicable for every person, and that using them should always be accompanied by a proper exercise regimen and a balanced diet. Otherwise, you just spent money on a product that will offer you nothing.

Some Exercises You Can Do to Get a Six Pack

Remember that men and women can both do six pack exercises, but there are certain ranges of movement that are more appropriate for men to do. Remember, getting a six pack does need commitment, as well as a smart eating plan that you should stick to. Mentioned below are a few abdominal exercises you can do at home, without having to use a machine.

  • Crunches – They are the simplest ab workout to do, and they are good for the upper and lower abs. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Place your hands at the back of your neck, or across your chest. Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor a few inches, contracting your abs in the process. Do not pull on your head as this can cause strain. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Leg lifts – These are great for the lower ab muscles, and are often recommended for women. Lie on the floor, legs outstretched with arms on your sides. Slowly lift your heels off the floor, raising your legs above you and lowering them back. Try not to let your heels rest on the floor after each repetition.
  • Side crunches – These exercises are made to target the oblique abdominal muscles. Assume the same position as the basic crunches, but this time, one thigh is resting on the floor. Lift your shoulders off the floor as you contract your ab muscles. Concentrate on one side at a time.
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